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Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial
Continues to Enrol

The Trish MS Research Foundation is helping to fund a world-first clinical trial of vitamin D to test whether it may be able to help prevent MS. Over the last decade the evidence that low levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of developing MS has been mounting.

However, if vitamin D supplementation is to be adopted as an early, preventative intervention for people at high risk of developing MS, rigorous evidence for optimum dosage, efficacy and safety is required from a carefully designed randomised controlled trial.

Australian expertise in this area has made Australia and New Zealand a pivotal location to conduct this trial. MS Research Australia are coordinating the trial, with a consortium of highly experienced MS neurologists, triallists, endocrinologists and epidemiologists.

20 sites in MS clinics around Australia and New Zealand are continuing to enroll people who have experienced their first episode suggestive of MS.

Participants will take a daily oral dose of one of three doses of vitamin D or placebo for one year. The trial is progressing steadily and results are expected in 2017.

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