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The Candle Girl’s generous support  


Stephanie Nissen launched her caring initiative, The Candle Girl on 2nd October at the 2015 AFL Ladies Luncheon, with over 900 attendees at Etihad Stadium, as well as her online boutique.    

          Lieselle Davidson

“The Candle Girl was born from an urge to be creative, care and advocacy for others and being brave, trusting my intuition,” Stephanie said.  “I have named each of my six candles after a woman in my life I love and adore. I asked each of these women to nominate a charity or organisation that they care deeply for. To show my appreciation for their role in my life I will be giving 15% of each candle sale to their chosen organisation.”  

The Trish Foundation is very grateful to Stephanie’s great friend Lieselle Davidson, who has nominated the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation as her chosen charity.  

Stephanie continues, “Lieselle is a very special part of my life and offers me constant support. She is not a stranger to helping others as her work and passions are Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance and Remedial Massage Therapy. This sees her caring for people from literally all corners of the globe, as she has done with me on many occasions. Her guidance has been invaluable.”   “I ask that everyone considers buying a ‘Lieselle’ candle so that they can support the Trish MS Research Foundation and help them find a preventative strategy or maybe even a cure for multiple sclerosis.”  

Lieselle’s tremendous support of MS research is greatly valued.  “My first brush with multiple sclerosis came about 25 years ago when I worked closely with a woman who took me under her wing as a junior accounts clerk. She was a mother figure to me and, despite the symptoms of MS she endured, made by days bright,” said Lieselle.  “As I grew to know her, I also came to appreciate her daily struggles with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  My admiration for her, and others who live with the effects of this condition, has led me to believe that any type of support is so important to find ways to improve the quality of life of the MS sufferer.”  

The Foundation’s sincere gratitude is extended to Stephanie Nissen and Lieselle Davidson. 

To buy a Lieselle candle and support MS research, please go to:  

“A light that continues long after it finishes burning” – The Candle Girl  

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