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The Candle Girl’s wonderful support    

The Candle Girl, Steph Nissen, continues her tremendous support of the Trish Foundation.  


Steph and her mates - fantastic support

Steph widely promoted her ‘Run for Trish’ in The Colour Run at Flemington Racecourse on 16th April, obtaining great support and providing every participant in Run for Trish a welcome pack with candle goodies, glow in the dark fun, a Run for Trish T-shirt and information about the Foundation.  

The Colour Run is a 5 kilometre fun run like no other that proudly endorses being active and enjoying life. The Colour Run is a not-for-profit event which, in the spirit of giving back, supports a number of charitable organisations and the Trish Foundation is extremely grateful to Steph for supporting our cause in this special way.  

“I have just turned 26 and I cannot imagine living each day unable to communicate with my family, not able to tell them how much I love them and to know there is no cure for my suffering,” said Steph.  “When the 2016 Colour Run appeared on my social media newsfeed, I knew this was the opportunity to not only get a group of fun loving people together for charity but to create an online crowd-funding campaign for Trish MS Research Foundation, an organisation with such a big heart that deserves our support and donations.”  

“This is a cause very dear to my heart and I sincerely appreciate any and all support”, Steph continued.  

Steph’s tremendous initiative raised $1,000 for the Foundation’s research and as well, Steph increased her generous support from the sale of every Lieselle Candle to 25%.

THANK YOU to The Candle Girl, Steph Nissen - absolutely fantastic support.

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