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Dr Linda Ly puts brains to work

in new research


Dr Linda Ly has made great progress in the first year of her three year fellowship funded by the Trish Foundation.

Based at the University of Sydney and working with A/Prof Michael Barnett, Dr Ly is focusing on research that will benefit those with progressive MS by investigating repair processes in MS.

Damaged myelin can be repaired in the early relapsing stages of MS, however, in progressive MS this remyelination process fails. This is also the stage where people begin accumulating disability and new therapeutic strategies are desperately needed.

Dr Ly’s research focuses on proteins and their relationship to lesions in the brain and spinal cord of people with MS. She is using post-mortem tissue donated through the MSRA Brain Bank. By comparing different stages of lesions, for example lesions which have undergone repair vs. those where repair processes have failed, she hopes to identify a molecular ‘signature’ for remyelination in MS.

Work is now well underway, using methods Dr Ly previously developed to work with archived post-mortem MS brain and spinal cord tissue. She has characterised 53 separate regions of tissue and identified 199 proteins which were found in different amounts across the lesion stages. 25 of these proteins are likely to have functions within the remyelination process and these proteins are now the subject of a range of follow-up analyses to further detail their role in MS tissue.

‘With further analysis, it is hoped the identification of these proteins may lead to more effective treatments to promote the regenerative processes in MS’ said Dr Ly. This will hopefully lead to new treatment options for those with the progressive form of the disease.

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