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 Our latest Trish Foundation news:



Generous support - Pacific Hotel Cairns and
Saffo Jewellery

Very generous long time supporters Pacific Hotel Cairns and Saffo Jewellery have both expanded their great generosity of the Trish Foundation.  

The iconic Pacific Hotel Cairns is offering a 5% discount on the best available online rates.  Trish Foundation supporters simply book online at and enter the booking code Trish to receive the additional discount and enjoy an idyllic stay at this magnificent Hotel.  

Sam Saffo, Saffo Jewellery is offering generously discounted rates on his extensive range of jewellery to Trish Foundation supporters and will donate 10% of each sale to the Foundation.  To receive personalised service, please call Trish Foundation Board member, Wendy Dodd on (02) 9232 8411.  

Our sincere gratitude to Pacific Hotel Cairns and Saffo Jewellery for increasing your extremely generous support in this way.




Generous support  

The Trish Foundation has received funding in Perpetual’s 2016 IMPACT Philanthopy Program from The Woodend Foundation.   As well, The Lady Fairfax Charitable Trust has made a large donation to the Foundation’s funds for research.   In addition, with great appreciation to Michael Phillips, Phillips Family Office, a large donation has been received from Future Generation Investment Company.  

THANK YOU to the Directors of The Woodend Foundation, The Lady Fairfax Charitable Trust and Future Generation Investment Company for your extremely generous support.  


Lisa scoops the pool

Lisa Burling, LBPR who provides valued, professional, pro bono services to the Trish Foundation has scooped the pool in the 2016 Illawarra Women In Business Awards, winning:
*    Lisa Burling – Illawarra Business Woman of the Year
*    LBPR – Best Small Business       
*    Lisa Burling – Innovative Business Woman of the Year

Congratulations Lisa and your team and THANK YOU for making such an awesome contribution to our cause.



Well-deserved recognition for Lisa and her team

The Candle Girl's generous support

“I have named each of my six candles after a woman in my life I love and adore. I asked each of these women to nominate a charity or organisation that they care deeply for. To show my appreciation for their role in my life I will be giving 15% of each candle sale to their chosen organisation.”  

“A light that continues long after it finishes burning” – The Candle Girl   

To buy a candle in support of the Trish Foundation and to learn more, please click here.  





The Australian Charity Awards 2015

Congratulations to MS Research Australia, Chief Executive Officer Dr Matthew Miles, his predecessor Jeremy Wright and past and present staff on being recognised as Charity of the Year in The Australian Charity Awards 2015.

Dr Matthew Miles said, 'It is a great honour to be awarded Charity of the Year. This award is a culmination of over ten years of very hard work by many people. The support of people with MS, donors, state based MS societies, allied organisations and corporate organisations has been critical to this success'.   Read more.


Dare to Dream

“Life holds special magic for those who dare to dream”. 

Lisa Burling, LBPR continues to significantly provide her professional, pro bono support to the Trish Foundation and has been honoured at the 2015 Illawarra Women in Business Awards.  Lisa was the Winner of the Best New Business for LBPR and Highly Commended in the Business Woman of the Year category.

Congratulations and thank you Lisa!  


What's up with Mum?

An Australian-first multiple sclerosis comic book for children has been launched to explain MS in a way they understand. The comic book titled, “Medikidz Explain Multiple Sclerosis – What’s up with Mum?” has been reviewed by Australian medical professionals in the field of MS.  It is an innovative resource for Australian parents with MS, enabling them to talk to their children about the symptoms in a simplified way.  The comic books are available free of charge from MS Australia.  Simply call 03 9845-2842.  


Cheviot Wine Group’s great generosity  

Cheviot Wine Group in collaboration with The Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign has developed two wines, The Bench at Red Hill Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. This exciting collaboration is another extremely generous initiative from our wonderful supporters at Cheviot. 

Please click here to order or for more information.


Tackling Progressive MS

A 2014 MS Research Australia project grant, co-funded by the Trish Foundation, holds particular promise for tackling the progressive forms of MS. This is an important area of research, since there are currently no treatment options for these forms of the disease.  Read more.


NHMRC supports Australian MS researchers

MS Research Australia and the Trish Foundation, welcome the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) recent Fellowships funding announcement, with a total of $1.05 million awarded to MS researchers.  Read more.



A/Prof Helmet Butzkueven

Call out to Trish Foundation supporters 

Your vote or votes could give the Foundation many additional dollars for research – and as we all know, every dollar counts.

The Dick Smith Foods Foundation will donate $1 million to charity in 2014 and the supporters of Dick Smith Foods will be the sole decision makers as to where the money will go.   Read more.


Launch of Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign

MS Research Australia's Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign was launched with a glittering cocktail reception at Parliament House on Wednesday, 30th April.  The event was hosted by Deborah Knight and attended by many MS researchers, campaign ambassadors, including Ellyse Perry and Jessica Rudd, many people living with MS, passionate supporters and representatives of the entire MS community.


Roy and Carol Langsford, Dr Fabienne Brilot-Turville and A/Prof Russell Dale

David Dodd

It is with great sadness that we report David Dodd, a founding Director of the Foundation and dear friend, has passed away.

David’s sharp intellect, decisive contribution and meticulous attention to detail, has been paramount in the success of the Foundation.

David’s wife Wendy, also a founding Director of the Foundation, has requested donations to the Trish Foundation in lieu of flowers.  

Rest in peace David.  





World first MS treatment unveiled

A breakthrough study has profound implications globally for understanding the cause of MS and for the treatment of MS, particularly in its progressive phase.  Read more.


PrevANZ Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial -
December 2013 Progress Report

The PrevANZ Vitamin D MS Prevention Trial continues to recruit patients. 

See more:  PrevANZ Progress Report December 2013


NHMRC Funding 2014

The 'multiplier' effect continues to make an impact, with Researchers previously funded by MS Research Australia and the Trish Foundation being awarded grants in the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding for 2014. 

Please click here for more information.


Pro bono PR contribution

Since her return to Australia, Lisa Burling has given her professional and expert PR services to the Trish Foundation pro bono, which is greatly appreciated.

Lisa has just launched her new PR Business.

“After 15 years of working with the best PR professionals in the business, both in Australia and the UK, I am excited to be taking my experiences and bundling them up into my very own business, LBPR,” Lisa said.

“I want to work with people who are passionate about PR and all it can achieve - PR doesn't just stand for press release.”

“My offering is wide-ranging and falls into three categories: THINK, ORGANISE and WRITE. I love what I do, and LBPR is the tangible realisation of this.”

Trish Foundation supporters are encouraged to avail themselves of Lisa’s great expertise. Please click here for Lisa's Facebook page or contact Lisa at


PrevANZ Vitamin D Prevention Trial

June 2013, MSRA PrevANZ progress report June 2013

March 2013, PrevANZ Vit D MS Prevention Trial - progress report March 2013

January 2013,  PrevANZ Vit D MS Prevention Trial - progress report

“We are very grateful to all at the Trish Foundation for choosing to support this important trial” – Dr Lisa Melton, Research Development Manager, MS Research Australia


2013 Round of Funding

Due to the great generosity of our bighearted supporters, the Trish Foundation is thrilled to announce the Research Projects we will be funding commencing 2013.  Read more.


NHMRC Funding 2013

The 'multiplier' effect continues to make an impact, with Researchers previously funded by the Trish Foundation being awarded Grants in the National Health and Medical Research Council funding for 2013.  Read more.


Trish Foundation’s PhD Scholar Dr Natalie Payne, makes a significant contribution

Australian researchers have discovered that stem cells derived from fat tissue are more effective in reaching the brain and spinal cord in a mouse model of MS than stem cells from bone marrow.
Read more.


Dr Natalie Payne and Professor Claude Bernard

MS Prevention Trial update

Please click here for more information.



One of the biggest challenges, not just for the Trish Foundation, but for every charity, is finding the money to be able to continue the vital work we support.  

Please click here for an exciting new initiative.  




Trans-Pacific funding for MS stem cell research partnership

Australian and Californian scientists searching for a better way to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) using a world-first adult stem cell technique will benefit from a major, joint Australian and Californian government grant.  Read more


Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye to MS was launched by Mark Beretta, Channel 7’s Sunrise to much fanfare in Martin Place on 1 May 2012.  Led by NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner, Councillor Irene Doutney, inspirational harmonica star Jim Conway who has MS and eminent researcher Professor David Booth, the event raised great awareness and began a month-long campaign to ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’.



At the launch, Roy and Carol Langsford and Mike Hemingway

National award for Dr Ben Emery  

The Trish Foundation and MS Research Australia congratulate Dr Ben Emery, a rising star in the field of MS research, on his award from the Australian Neurological Society.  Read more.


Prevention Trial underway

The funds committed in 2011 by the Trish Foundation and the MS Society of WA for the Vitamin D Prevention Trial have been boosted by other generous supporters, enabling the much awaited PrevANZ Vitamin D MS Prevention trial to commence patient recruitment early in 2012.

This ‘gold-standard’ placebo-controlled trial will determine the efficacy of vitamin D dosage to prevent MS in people at high risk of developing the condition - those experiencing their very first episode of MS symptoms.  Read more about the Prevention Trial.


Additional Funding for MSRA Brain Bank

The NSW Government has announced a $500,000 grant for the MSRA Brain Bank, which will allow researchers to utilise advanced technologies and directly target new treatments.

Based at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Research Institute, this dedicated facility has already made significant contributions to MS research since it was established in 2007, when the Trish Foundation underwrote and provided the initial funding for the Brain Bank.  For additional information please click here.


2012 Round of Funding

The Foundation has announced the Research Projects which will be funded commencing 2012. 

Please click here for additional information.


Another accolade for Niall King OAM

Niall King has again been honoured for his significant contribution to the Trish Foundation, as well as the MS Society's Lidcombe premises and the Rotary Club of Strathfield.  Niall was awarded the prestigious Inner West Volunteer of the Year Award.


Breaking news 11th August 2011

Today’s breaking news published in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature, is incredibly exciting for all those involved in the MS community, giving great additional hope to people living with MS.

One gene had been discovered in 2006 and the study has confirmed the presence of up to 57 MS genes.   

It is such an honour that the Trish Foundation has contributed to these remarkable findings, which could never have occurred without the contribution of our big-hearted supporters.  We salute and thank each and every one of you.     

Please click here for more information


To view ABC's 7.30 aired on 11th August 2011 please click here


World first!

The Trish Foundation is providing vital funding to initiate a study into Vitamin D for the prevention of MS. 

The Foundation has joined forces with the MS Society Western Australia to kick-start this much-needed MS Research Australia Platform Program.  Read more


Trish Foundation renews its Agreement with MS Research Australia

The Trish Foundation has renewed its Agreement with MS Research Australia continuing our co-operative partnership and working in association towards our common goal.

“It is an honour to be working so closely with MS Research Australia and a privilege to be raising funds for Australia’s dedicated MS researchers,” says Trish Foundation Chairman Carol Langsford.


2011 Round of Funding  

The Trish Foundation is pleased to report the following Research Projects are being funded in our 2011 round of funding:          

Dr Christopher Siatskas at Monash Immunology and Stem Cells Laboratories Victoria, part funding for three years, his project being titled, “Induction of tolerance to CNS autoantigens”.         

Edwin Lim at University of NSW, part funding for three years, whose project is, “Targeting the kynurenine pathway as a novel therapeutic intervention for MS”.          

Dr Mark Slee at Flinders University & Medical Centre South Australia, his project being, “The Australian and New Zealand NMO Antibody Study”.  


Funds multiplied yet again

In 2010 the Trish MS Research Foundation started funding Dr Ben Emery’s MS research project at the University of Melbourne.

The project looked at a ‘master’ genetic switch that can potentially regulate myelination and repair neural damage caused during MS. Last year Dr Ben Emery was awarded $150,000 by MSRA, funded by the Trish Foundation, to undertake this research and has now been successful in gaining an NHMRC grant of $555,185 for 2011 onwards for the direct continuation of this work.

"The MSRA/Trish Foundation support has been vital for getting the research project up and running," said Dr Emery.  "The exciting results obtained with their support served as the basis for getting the NHMRC grant up, which will in turn fund the continuation of this research over the coming years."        

Australia Day Awards

Australia Day 2011 dawned with the news of three amazing people receiving well-deserved recognition.

Please click here for more information.

Trish Funding Goes a Long Way  

One of the greatest challenges for funding agencies like the Trish Foundation is to find and fund research that will make the greatest impact. Working in partnership with MSRA, the Trish Foundation has backed high quality research that has grown into larger projects now funded by the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Please click here for more information.


Stem Cell Transplantation: It’s Time!  

Three Australian scientists from Monash University, Dr Christopher Siatskas, Natalie Payne and Prof Claude Bernard, provide commentary on the development of a recent consensus statement from world experts on stem cells for the treatment of MS.

Please click here for more information.

Additional Genes Discovered

On 4th August 2010 at the Autoimmunity & Neurology Symposium Westmead, Professor Graeme Stewart quoted Winston Churchill, “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.”  Professor Stewart said there has been extraordinarily rapid change, almost unparalleled in science.  

At the Symposium, Associate Professor David Booth (Molecular Geneticist, Westmead Millennium Institute) reported more than 20 genes have now been identified as associated with MS susceptibility, one gene region being associated with Vitamin D.

The Trish Foundation’s modest initial investment has exploded!

Foundation's funds multiplied

The Trish Foundation’s funds have been multiplied with two Research Projects to which the Foundation originally contributed achieving such positive outcomes that the National Health and Medical Research Council has approved almost $2 million in additional funding to progress that research further. 



Trish Genetics Investment Makes a Major Impact

The Trish MS Research Foundation was the seeding partner for the Australian and New Zealand Genetics Consortium (ANZgene). Without their contribution, Australasia’s largest study to identify genes that influence MS susceptibility could not have been undertaken. The Trish funding subsequently attracted over $2m in federal government and private donations. 

Please click here for more information.


ANZGene Members Dr Justin Rubio and Professor Jim Wiley (Chair) 

Prestigious Award for Professor Prineas

MS International Federation’s very prestigious Charcot Award has been won by Professor John Prineas.

The Award recognizes a life-time of outstanding contribution to MS research, Professor Prineas having been at the forefront of neuropathology in MS. His recent findings of sick and dying cells in the early stages of MS, prior to the autoimmune response, have revolutionized the world-wide understanding of the disease, providing hope for new therapies which include the potential to repair the neural damage.

Professor Prineas is the first Australian to win this prestigious Award and is the recipient of a Project Grant in the Trish Foundation’s current round of funding. Our research funds are certainly in very capable hands.

Please click here for more information.



Professor John Prineas 


Please click here for our tribute to special supporters of the Foundation 





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