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MS Prevention Trial update


Preparations for the PrevANZ vitamin D MS prevention trial, supported by the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation, are well underway with recruitment expected to commence in October 2012.  

Twenty extremely experienced MS clinical trial sites in all states of Australia and in New Zealand, have come on board to participate in the trial.  

Careful finalisation of the protocol, submissions for ethics approvals and site initiation are underway and respected not-for-profit contract research organisation, Neuroscience Trials Australia has been recruited to assist with logistical aspects of the trial.  

One of the most highly respected MS radiology teams, led by Prof David Miller at University College London, UK, have also come on board to provide their expertise in the central reading of the MRI scans that will be used to monitor patients in the trial.  

Enrolment of patients into the trial will occur through neurologists over a three year period, with final results expected in 2016. Eligible patients will be those who, at the time of enrolment, have recently experienced their very first episode of symptoms suggestive of MS – this is termed a first demyelinating event, or clinically isolated syndrome. Typically, 70-80% of these patients would go on to experience a second episode and receive a diagnosis of clinically definite MS. The trial will test whether vitamin D supplementation can prevent the development of MS in these patients.  

MSRA CEO, Mr Jeremy Wright, said, ‘We have an extremely experienced team running this trial and we have every confidence that it will provide a clear answer on the optimum dosage and the benefits that can be expected from vitamin D for MS prevention.’  

‘We have sufficient funding to include nearly 200 patients (cases) and make this a statistically powerful trial. With further funding we can recruit the full cohort of 240 patients needed to provide the most accurate data possible.’  

People with MS who are concerned about their vitamin D levels should seek advice from their GP or neurologist.

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