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Genetics Research

In 2009 the ANZgene Consortium, made up of more than 40 investigators from 11 institutions in Australia and New Zealand, discovered two new locations of genes which will help to unravel the causes of MS and other autoimmune diseases. Their findings were published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics.

“For decades the cause of MS has remained a mystery. This discovery reveals important new insights into the genetic susceptibility to the disease. The newly discovered gene locations on chromosomes 12 and 20 offer very promising targets which indicate susceptibility to MS. They also reveal a link between genetic susceptibility to MS and other autoimmune diseases and the potential involvement of Vitamin D metabolism in the risk of developing these diseases. These results are like the key in the door – leading us to where to look for MS susceptibility.”

– Professor Trevor Kilpatrick, Director for Neurosciences at the University of Melbourne, who with Dr Justin Rubio of Florey Neurasciences Institutes coordinated the international study.

“This is a significant discovery.”

– Professor Jim Wiley, Chairman of the ANZgene Consortium.

The Trish Foundation is proud to have made such a major contribution to these very important findings and at the Foundation’s Board Meeting on 16 July 2009 Jeremy Wright, Executive Director MS Research Australia, presented the Foundation with a Frame of Appreciation in recognition of our contribution to the ANZgene findings.

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