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Kooroora Tennis Club Opening Dedicated to Foundation

The Foundation wishes to sincerely thank Kooroora Tennis Club for dedicating the opening of their magnificent new tennis complex to the Foundation. Past and present club members, as well as others, donated generously resulting in $1,254.80 being raised. Thank you Kooroora!

Bequest Gift

Grateful thanks to Jerry Lattin for requesting donations to the Foundation in memory of his late wife Beres, who was inspirational in her battle with MS. Beres was a member of the nursing profession, an elegant, lively, gregarious and friendly lady who was popular with everyone.

Triple M Fundraising

The Foundation is very grateful to Triple M for the great opportunity to fundraise at the M1 Concert presented by Triple M.  

Thank you to Trent and Sharon Russell for organising the collection of donations at the M1 Concert and also to all the volunteers who gave their time to raise funds for our research.

Paul Newman Foundation Grant

The Foundation has received $5,000 from the Paul Newman Foundation towards our research.

Paul Newman, acclaimed actor and racing car driver, started a food business in his basement, he and a friend filling old wine bottles with their homemade salad dressings to give to their friends as Christmas presents. As a lark they decided what was good enough for their friends would be good enough for the public so begin selling their products. Within two months they were receiving requests from all over the United States, no-one being more surprised than Newman who immediately declared “Let’s give all profits away to those who need it!”

“When we started all this, everyone said it was a joke and even I said it was a joke,” Newman said. “The embarrassing thing is that my pasta sauces are out grossing my movies, but I am fighting back.”

The Foundation very much appreciates the support of the Paul Newman Foundation and particularly its Australian Administrator, Sue Home.

Australian Cricketers Support the Foundation

The Foundation is very appreciative of the magnificent support of the Australian Cricket Board, Women's Cricket NSW and the Australian 'Southern Stars' team, particularly captain Belinda Clark.  A gold coin collection at the gate of the second Ashes Test held at Bankstown Oval was donated to the Foundation's research.

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Foundation Director, Roy Langsford collecting at the Ashes Test

International Support

The Foundation is very grateful to extraordinary supporters from the other side of the world.

Mary Ellen and Shaun Murphy of Massachusetts, USA held a very successful fundraiser and dedicated the funds raised to the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation. They received tremendous support from the Mattapoisett Lions Club and raised approximately AUS$10,000 towards the Foundation's research.


Shaun Murphy receiving a 'Charity Haircut' to raise funds for the Foundation

Additional International Support

Kuwait resident, Darlene Haddad has also worked very hard fundraising for the Foundation and has raised AUS$1,000 which has been deposited in the Foundation's Research Account.

The Foundation's very sincere thanks are extended to Mary Ellen, Shaun and Darlene for their magnificent support of the Foundation and its goal. Their significant support from so far away is very much appreciated.

Avant Card Publicising the Foundation

The Trish Foundation is very grateful to Pat Mackle, Avant Card for producing 'Trish Who' postcards with information regarding the Foundation on the reverse. Avant Card is distributing 22,000 postcards in their venues across Australia, raising awareness of both the Foundation and multiple sclerosis.

The Foundation's sincere gratitude is extended to Pat Mackle and Avant Card for their very generous support.

Annual Gala Dinner - 7 November 2003

The aim of the Foundation’s Annual Gala Dinner, held on 7 November 2003, was to give the Foundation’s wonderful supporters an enjoyable fun-filled night whilst raising funds for the Foundation’s research. Feedback from those present indicated this was accomplished.

Thank you to the generous donors of so many wonderful Auction items and Raffle prizes and to the big-hearted Trish Foundation supporters who attended and contributed to the funds raised.

Please click here for more information.

Roseville Lawn Tennis Club Charity Tennis Day - 14 September 2003

The Foundation is indebted to Roseville Lawn Tennis Club for dedicating, for the third consecutive year, their Pro-Celebrity Tennis Day to the Foundation. Approximately $15,000 was raised, giving the Foundation’s future research a great boost. Sincere gratitude to President, Darren Clark and the committee and all the celebrities who gave their time so generously to ensure the day was a great success.

Christmas in July - 26 July 2003

Christmas in July was celebrated at the Waldorf Apartment Hotel, Parramatta's Unity Room which was spectacularly decorated by Jack and Alice Kapterian, Vivendi. The Foundation's grateful appreciation is expressed to remarkable, very generous supporters Jenny and Geoff Wolf (Waldorf Apartment Hotels) and Jack and Alice Kapterian (Vivendi). As well, thank you to all those who attended and/or donated items in support of Christmas in July. Their great contributions ensured the evening was successful and the Foundation's funds for research have been given a considerable boost.

Wollongong Charity Golf Day

The Financial Planning Association, Wollongong Chapter dedicated their Charity Golf Day to the Foundation, raising $1898. Thank you to all those involved, with particular gratitude to Wollongong Chapter Chair Andrew Gray.

Trivia Night - 24 April 2003

We had a fun filled fundraising night at the Parramatta Leagues Club, 13-15 O’Connell Street, Parramatta on Thursday 24 April 2003.

Over $5,000 was raised at the Foundation's inaugural Trivia Night. Very special thanks to Committee Member Nicole McLellan, to Tony Zappia, Damien Kelly and the Parramatta Leagues Club who generously provided the venue, food and numerous prizes.

The Trivia Night was Nicole's idea, she ran with it, liaised with Parramatta Leagues Club and single-handedly organised a very successful event.



Trivia Night organiser Nicole McLellan, Trish's sister Sharon Russell and Martine Shrubsole

Rotary Club of Strathfield - Golf Day, Dinner and Auction - 20 February 2003

The Foundation is very indebted to the Rotary Club of Strathfield for their magnificent support in again this year dedicating the proceeds of their Golf Day, Dinner and Auction to the Foundation's research. A wonderful $12,000 was raised which will give the Foundation's research funds a huge boost.

Organiser Niall King again worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a great success. The Foundation is very grateful to Niall for his hard work, time, effort and energy as well as his personal generosity.

Thank you also to the donors of so many wonderful items and to all those who supported the fundraiser, playing golf and attending the event dinner.

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