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A novel approach to reduce the
impact of progressive MS

Dr Steven Petratos, Monash University, Victoria

Associate Professor Frank Alderuccio, Monash University, Victoria

Project Grant - $160,000 over 2016-2017
With full funding support from the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation

Dr Petratos is the only Australian researcher to receive funding from the International Progressive MS Alliance in their inaugural round of funding. This Project Grant is a continuation of this research. 

The International Progressive MS Alliance is working together to connect resources and experts around the world to find answers and develop solutions to end progressive MS.  MS Research Australia, with whom the Foundation works closely, has joined MS organisations from around the world in a global alliance to end progressive MS.  Coordinated by the MSIF, this Alliance is the most ambitious collaborative project the global MS movement has ever embarked upon. 


The progressive phase of MS is thought to result from damage to the nerve fibre rather than the direct inflammatory attack on myelin. Dr Petratos has been working on determining which molecules are responsible for this nerve fibre damage.

Dr Petratos will look at how damage occurs in nerve fibres with progressive clinical symptoms in laboratory models of MS, specifically they will investigate a receptor molecule known as NgR1 and attempt to block the receptor molecule in nerve cells. The blocking agent of NgRI will be delivered using a highly novel method that will allow accurate targeting of the NgR1 receptor.

By targeting these molecules during MS it may be possible to limit the destruction which occurs to nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord, giving a better clinical outcome for people with MS.  

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