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Jan 2019
New Research Projects commencing 2019 announced

Promoting myelin repair by targeting Wnt signalling

Dr David Gonsalvez, University of Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Junhua Xiao, University of Melbourne, Victoria

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) / MS Research Australia Betty Cuthbert Fellowship
Total award $314,644 over 2016-2019 (50% funded by NHMRC)
MS Research Australia contribution provided with full funding support from the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation  

The Foundation is honoured to be co-funding this important Research Project with the National Health and Medical Research Council. 


MS results from the damage and loss of myelin, the conductive layer present around nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord. Damage is caused by inflammation brought about by the immune system mistakenly attacking myelin. Myelin can be repaired, but this process is often incomplete and the failure of remyelination is thought to underlie the conversion of people to the secondary progressive form of MS. Current treatments for MS are focused on the limiting the damage to myelin by the immune system, but none of these therapies promote myelin repair.

It is known the myelin repair is inhibited by signals that occur within long standing lesions. Dr Gonsalvez will look at a particular signalling pathway that is thought to inhibit myelin repair called the Wnt signalling pathway. He will identify the way that Wnt signalling affects the cells which produce myelin and determine whether blocking the Wnt pathway and its inhibitory affects might then promote myelin repair. He will determine the molecular characteristics of this pathway within the chronic lesions to isolate targets that might have therapeutic potential in future to slow the progression of MS.      

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