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National award for young Australian

MS researcher


The Trish Foundation and MS Research Australia congratulate Dr Ben Emery, a rising star in the field of MS research, on his award from the Australian Neurological Society  

Dr Ben Emery, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Neuroscience, has received the AW Campbell Award from the Australian Neurological Society (ANS) for his postdoctoral research.  The A.W. Campbell Award, named after an eminent Australian neurologist, is granted to the best contribution by a member of the Australian Neurological Society in their first five postdoctoral years.  

Following completion of his PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2005, Dr Emery received a highly competitive CJ Martin Fellowship from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) that enabled him to work with a world-leader in the field of neurology at Stanford University, USA. This work resulted in a number of publications in top scientific journals, which have been highly recognised and repeatedly referenced by his peers in the field.  

Dr Emery’s research focuses on understanding how oligodendrocytes (the cells that produce myelin in the brain and spinal cord) develop, and what signals drive them to produce myelin.

“These experiments have important implications for multiple sclerosis, because if we can identify what drives the development of myelin during development, we may be able to use this information to develop treatments that promote the repair of myelin when it is damaged in MS,” said Dr Emery.

Dr Emery returned to the University of Melbourne in 2010 where he has been building up his own research laboratory.

He received an MSRA Project Grant, funded by the Trish Foundation, for 2010 to 2011 and has since won a National Health and Medical Research Council project grant to continue this research.

“The Trish Foundation is proud to have supported Dr Emery’s important work and we are thrilled he is making further great inroads into this disease,” said Foundation Chairman Carol Langsford.    

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