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Call out to Trish Foundation supporters 


Your vote or votes could give the Foundation many additional dollars for research – and as we all know, every dollar counts.      

The Dick Smith Foods Foundation will donate $1 million to charity in 2014 and the supporters of Dick Smith Foods will be the sole decision makers as to where the money will go.

Recently Dick and Pip Smith gave the total intellectual property for Dick Smith Foods to a new Foundation, The Dick Smith Foods Foundation. This new Foundation is set up under the Private Ancillary Funds (“PAF”) legislation which requires very stringent rules that all money is given to charity.

In the twelve-month period between 1 January and 31 December 2014, $1 million will be donated based on votes received.

On 8th July 2014, the first round of 38 charities received a share in $510,000 donations. These first 38 charities are now ineligible to receive a donation in the second round at the end of 2014. Voting for the second round of donations has now commenced.  

It’s very simple! Just take a photograph of any Dick Smith Foods product(s) in your pantry and text or email it to together with your nomination to support the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation. You can also include your name and it will be added to the website so you know your vote has been recorded.

$510,000 was donated to 38 charities on 8th July 2014, and the remaining $500,000 will be donated at the end of 2014. This will be divided up over the year to include 4 x $50,000 donations, 10 x $20,000 donations, and 61 x $10,000. This means that 75 charities will benefit.  Please assist us ensure the Trish Foundation is one of these charities.

The Trish Foundation’s team would like to congratulate Dick and Pip Smith on this breakthrough in giving. Never before has the situation existed where the supporters of a company can actually have influence on where the money will go. One voting point will be given for each product that is in your pantry, so if you show three Dick Smith Foods products you get three points. Each product is only counted once, even if it appears in multiple photographs.

You can also receive bonus points if you send a photograph of you holding up Dick Smith Foods products to a group of up to 10 of your neighbours – one point for each neighbour present in the photo you send. Dick and Pip Smith ask you to please tell your friends just how important the Dick Smith Foods products are as they not only keep jobs in Australia and help our farmers, but all profits go to charity.

We would be extremely grateful if you could assist the Trish Foundation by buying Dick Smith products and voting in this way – how fantastic it would be if your vote assists us to be awarded $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000!

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