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The Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation (ABN 22 089 078 464) was inspired by Trish Langsford who, having lost her battle with multiple sclerosis, passed away at the age of 30. 

The Foundation was established with the specific goal of finding a cure or preventive strategy for multiple sclerosis. Trish’s parents made a promise to her that they would not give up in the pursuit of the Trish Foundation’s goal. Please see below for more about Trish.


In contrast to a number of other charities, the Foundation is staffed by a team of dedicated, unpaid volunteers and every dollar raised is placed into research.  The Directors of the Foundation cover the administrative expenses.



The Foundation is working in association and very closely with MS Research Australia, and with researchers around Australia, towards our common goal.

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Dr Brendan Nelson and Hon Barry O'Farrell, the Foundation's Joint Patrons


The Trish Foundation is honoured and privileged that Dr Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial, and Hon Barry O'Farrell, former Premier of NSW, are the Joint Patrons of the Foundation. We wish to record our sincere gratitude to Brendan and Barry for their extraordinary support of the Trish Foundation since inception.

“Trish Foundation has dispensed the most powerful and fragile of human emotions – hope.”

– Dr Brendan Nelson, Joint Patron of Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation 

"No-one should stand in the way of finding a cure for the type of illness that took Trish Langsford from her family and friends."

- Hon Barry O'Farrell, Joint Patron of Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation



Joint Patron of the Trish Foundation, Dr Brendan Nelson and his wife Gillian

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Honorary Scientific Research Committee

The Foundation has a very eminent honorary Scientific Research Committee to advise the Foundation Board on applications for research.

THANK YOU to Professor John Pollard AO (Chairman), Professor Peter Russell, Professor Michael Barnett and Dr Emily Mathey for your honorary professional contribution to the Foundation.  Please click here for further information.

The Foundation considers itself very privileged to have such a committed and eminent Scientific Research Committee and as Professor Russell said, “Failure is not on our agenda”.

All projects funded by the Foundation are recommended for funding by MS Research Australia’s Research Management Council following assessment, evaluation and ranking, including a peer-review process.  The projects are then considered by the Trish Foundation’s honorary Scientific Research Committee and, having met our firm funding guidelines, are recommended to the Foundation’s Board for approval.

Honorary Board of directors
Jenny Comanos
Wendy Dodd
Niall King OAM
John Roberts
Jeremy Wright BE(Hon), MBA, GAIDC
Joshua True
Roy Langsford OAM
Carol Langsford OAM (Chair)

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A copy of the Foundation's Annual Report, including Financial Statements to 30 June 2018 is on this link:  

Trish MS Research Foundation Annual Report at 30 June 2018

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Imagine a world where one day you are an elite athlete, full of life and vitality, a young woman living out your dreams.   
Now imagine that world being stripped away and replaced by a different world, a world that consisted of lying in a nursing home bed, completely paralysed, unable to speak or communicate with your loved ones.    

That was Trish Langsford’s world.

The Foundation is named after Trish Langsford, who was struck down in the prime of her life by multiple sclerosis. As well as being an A1 tennis player and first grade hockey player, Trish represented New South Wales in the Open Women’s Cricket Team and captained the Australian Youth Cricket Team against New Zealand. She was also a member of the Australian Squad and was described by cricket writer Amanda Weaver as one of the most gifted players in Australia.

Trish graduated from university with a degree in Human Movement following which she was appointed Development Officer for Women’s Cricket NSW. She enjoyed her job and was very sad when, at the age of 23, she finally had to relinquish the position because of her multiple sclerosis.

At age 30, Trish sadly passed away in 2002 having spent four and a half years in a nursing home with end-stage multiple sclerosis. She was completely paralysed, artificially fed and morphine was administered four hourly during that entire time. She understood everything that was said but unfortunately could not communicate. It is hard to imagine what she could have been thinking.

Prior to Trish passing away, Professor John Pollard a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Research Committee said, “Unfortunately Trish is in end-stage multiple sclerosis; she had the chronic progressive form of the disease and very sadly, no treatment that is found by our research or that of others is going to help Trish at this stage. What is important is that we develop treatments for this disease to prevent patients reaching this end-stage disease.”

Trish’s death wasn’t in vain. Her family and friends watched her suffer and lose her grip on life and are determined to save others from the tragic consequences of this disease.

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Brave Enough to Dream

Singer/songwriter Allan Caswell, winner 6 Golden Guitars at Tamworth, and his wife Marian, have written a Song for Trish, 'Brave Enough to Dream'.  You are listening to Allan singing this special song.

Brave Enough to Dream is now available on iTunes.  To purchase, please click on the cover.



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Post: PO Box 511, Collaroy Beach, NSW 2097

Telephone: (02) 8021 9969

Mobile: 0410 410491

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