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2012 Progress Report Edwin Lim  

Dr Edward Lim received a fellowship supported by the Trish Foundation in 2011 to continue his MS research at the University of NSW.

Dr Lim’s research is moving towards novel therapeutic strategies for MS by modifying the kynurenine pathway.   Dr Lim works at the University of NSW in the Neuroinflammation Group with Dr Gilles Guillemin.  

Tryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid that is used by the body as one of the building blocks of protein. The pathway that breaks down tryptophan, the kynurenine pathway, is important in regulating the immune response in MS and leads to the production of several active metabolites which may be toxic to the brain.  

Dr Lim’s results suggest that the kynurenine pathway is dysregulated in MS. He has shown that one particular neurotoxin associated with the pathway, is increased in MS and is showing exciting promise as a potential biomarker to identify the different stages of MS. Biomarkers are particularly useful, for example, in clinical trials to test whether new therapies are working to halt the disease.  

After manipulating the kynurenine pathway in the animal model of MS, Dr Lim was able to limit the production of the toxic metabolites of the kynurenine pathway in the brain and reverse the progression of disease. This exciting work indicates that altering kynurenine metabolism may be an important therapeutic approach for MS. Future work will examine the effect of these molecules on MS brain cells grown in the laboratory to see if similar effects can be produced.  

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