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2016 Round of Funding

The Foundation is pleased to announce the Research Projects which we are funding commencing 2016:  

1.      Dr David Gonsalvez, University of Melbourne, Victoria who is investigating Promoting myelin repair by targeting Wnt signalling. 

The Foundation is honoured to be co-funding this important Research Project with the National Health and Medical Research Council. 

2.      Dr Steven Petratos, Monash University, Victoria.  Dr Petratos’ Project Grant is titled, “A novel approach to reduce the impact of progressive MS”.   

Dr Petratos is the only Australian researcher to receive funding from the International Progressive MS Alliance in their inaugural round of funding. This Project Grant is a continuation of this research. 

The International Progressive MS Alliance is working together to connect resources and experts around the world to find answers and develop solutions to end progressive MS.  MS Research Australia, with whom the Foundation works closely, has joined MS organisations from around the world in a global alliance to end progressive MS.  Coordinated by the MSIF, this Alliance is the most ambitious collaborative project the global MS movement has ever embarked upon.  

3.      Associate Professor Richard Hughes, University of Melbourne, Victoria.  A/Prof Hughes has been awarded an Incubator Grant titled, “Peptide drugs to treat MS”.  

4.      Dr Lawrence Ong, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, who is investigating The role of Vitamin D related genes in MS.  

The Foundation is honoured to be co-funding this important Research Project with the National Health and Medical Research Council.

As is always the case, these Projects were recommended for funding by MS Research Australia’s Research Management Council following assessment, evaluation and ranking, including a peer-review process.  The projects were then considered and approved for funding by the Foundation’s honorary Scientific Research Committee and Board of Directors.  

Our heartfelt gratitude to our very generous Sponsors and supporters whose great generosity is enabling us to continue to make a significant contribution to MS research in Australia and also contribute to the world-wide effort.

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